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exclusive sessions

Periodically throughout the year I will offer exclusive sessions. These sessions are considered "exclusive" because they are offered during a specific time of the year, like the holiday, fall or summer season. Additionally, these sessions will occur over a one or two day time-frame at a designated location. As a result, the investment required for these types of sessions will differ from my other offerings. Please check back frequently to see when and if exclusive sessions are being offered.

cutest kid contest 2023


Home Studio in Wexford
Sunday February 19, 2023

We all think our kids are the absolute cutest... right? Well, why not use that as an opportunity to win a photo session for your family in 2023! With a simple backdrop, limited props and your choice on outfit, you'll chose the image you think best represents the cuteness and personality of your child to be voted on by others. This super quick, low-budget session will produce some updated shots of your little one and enter them into the contest.

What You'll Need:

- Outfit of your choice (I will offer assistance for those who need it)

- Short "bio"of your little one (no more than 5 sentences) to pair with the photo

- A favorite photo from the session to submit to the contest

Investment: $50

- 5 minutes

- 1 image (you'll choose)

- Entry into the contest for a chance to win a free session during 2023

 Want to sign up or learn more about this opportunity?

Fill out the form below. Limited spots available!

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I'm always open to trying new things. Could be holiday themed, based on a classic event near you, or something special. Who knows... others might be equally as interested for their families. Let's chat and get creative!

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