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Bennett Turns TWO!

Bennett and his parents have been clients of mine since he was about 3 months old! Sarah (mom) reached out and inquired about working together for his first year milestones. Who knew almost two years later I'd have the chance to capture milestones and family sessions with this amazing family.

I consider it a huge compliment that they continue to come back to me for each of these special moments. When Sarah reached out about Bennett turning two, I was so excited. Between Bennett's first and second birthday, we kept with a relatively neutral theme with pops of color. Sarah and I brainstormed, swapped inspo images and ultimately landed on the cutest setup that captured Sarah's vision.

Neutral Boy Two Year Old Session - Final Setup!

Balloon Garland - I loved this garland because it had more than enough balloons and the variety of neutral tans mixed with the blue really made for a nice combo. The blues and tans were not exact, which some may be bothered by but I actually liked.

Lighted Letters - Loved these for the price, especially since I will get so much use out of them. You can do warm white or an LED white, but I prefer the warm white. They sit nicely on their own and take double A batteries.

White Basket - Bought this from Target and LOVE IT! It's meant to be a decorative basket but I flipped it over to use it as a seat because it fit the theme and offered a different look.

I couldn't be happier with how the setup turned out. For this session we did the main setup (pictured above) for Bennett, but Sarah also opted to have some family photos as part of the session. I always let parents know that the hour they are with me can be used however they want... but when you're dealing with a toddler, it's always important to have realistic expectations. Bennett was a dream, so it made it easy to fit it all in an hour long session.

You'll see in the sample from the final delivered gallery that we were able to get a lot of variety even with one setup. The family photos gave us a nice mixture of Bennett with both parents, as well.

Milestones are so much fun and it doesn't have the be a first birthday to be photo session worthy! I'd love to help someone else capture little giggles, tickles and joy like this with their little one(s).

More Than A Moment Photography is located in Wexford, PA and focuses primarily on newborns, littles and families. I am always open to discuss any photography needs, though!

- Jess


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